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A Little About EGA Charter Fishing Japan

A little about myself & My Family, I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I  have been married to My wife for 27 years, she is Japanese & was born in Iwakuni, Japan . We have two Son's, Our oldest is a 26 yr old United States Marine & Our Youngest is 23 yr old Employed on MCAS, Iwakuni. We are here offering  these fishing trips to all personnel stationed on MCAS Iwakuni, their Families & Friends. and to all that are interested in Salt water fishing here in Japan. My Father-in-Law had his charter fishing business  here for over 70 yrs in Obatake, (Yanai) Japan; he had a stroke a couple of years ago which has brought My wife & I back to  Japan to help out our family. We have visited every year over the past 27 yrs offering fishing Trips to US Military personnel serving in Japan, I am a licensed charter boat Captain here in Japan & in the USA. Also we are members of the Local Japanese Fisheries Union, Our fishing Vessel is registered & insured with the proper Japanese authorities for all present & future customers safety.