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 ​EGA FISHING CHARTERS 501 (c) Nonprofit Organization!

2021 Fishing Updates (photos & videos) cOMING SOON!

EGA Fishing Charters Inc - NON PROFIT Organization  

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A Non- Profit serving our active duty service members while they serve us all America!

A Little About EGA Charter Fishing Japan

A little about myself & My Family, I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I  have been married to My wife for 31 years, she is Japanese & was born in Iwakuni, Japan . We have two Son's, Our oldest is a 29 yr old United States Marine & Our Youngest is 27 yr old father of 3 and is married to his Japanese Wife Aime who has given us 3 grandchildren who are growing up in Japan giving us more reason to be here and to continue our fishing adventures. We are here offering  these fishing trips to all personnel stationed on MCAS Iwakuni, their Families & Friends. and to all that are interested in Salt water fishing here in Japan. My Father-in-Law had his charter fishing business  here for over 78 yrs in Obatake, (Yanai) Japan; he had a stroke a couple of years ago which has brought My wife & I back to  Japan to help out our family. We have visited every year over the past 29 yrs offering fishing Trips to US Military personnel serving in Japan, I am a licensed charter boat Captain here in Japan & in the USA. Also we are members of the Local Japanese Fisheries Union, Our fishing Vessel is registered & insured with the proper Japanese authorities for all present & future customers safety. 


EGA fishing charters a non-profit serving out Active Duty Military and Veterans  while they serve all of Us worldwide serving America!