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Welcome to EGA Fish Japan Charter Tours

EGA Charter Fishing Japan offers Charter fishing Trips to anyone interested in Salt Water Fishing while here in Japan.  We are a United States Veteran owned & operated charter fishing business offering traditional Japanese & Standard salt water fishing trips, to ANYONE interested in Fishing Japan please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to reserve your charter fishing trip, We look forward to taking you, your family &  friends for a great day on the water, fishing Japan.. 

*We offer  Discounts to all Active Duty Military personnel, D.O.D. Employees & Their Family Members stationed with them here in Japan,


EGA Charter Services

Basic Char​ter Fishing 

Charter Fishing Tours are offered to individuals in a public Group,  Public group Fishing Tours $100.00 per person (Active Duty Personnel $80.00) with a minimum of 3 anglers / max 6 anglers all gear, rods, reels & bait, are provided by EGA Fish Japan at 

NO Extra Cost. This is a 6-7hr fishing trip. Starting @ 06:30-07:00 am ending by 13:00-15:00 all you need to bring is your preferred beverages. food, and snacks..

Private Charter Fishing Tour

Private Fishing tours are $500 a day (Active Duty Personnel $450) with a minimum of 1 and a max of 5 Anglers  All fishing tackle, gear, & bait are provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST! EGA Will Provide bottled water, but You are welcome to bring your own drinks & snacks.. also this will be a 8-9hr trip, starting at 06:30am-07:00am ending by 16:00-17:00 but you can also arrange a different time of departure as its your private fishing Trip.*EGA Will provide a styrofoam Ice Chest for you to bring your fish home in. "No Additional Cost" 

*Please make reservations at least two to three weeks in advance so we can do our best to accommodate your preferred fishing date.

Private Leisure Boat Tours

Private Leisure Boat Tours for those who prefer not to fish & rather take photos and just enjoy the boat ride for a day on the water.. This is a Private boat tour and can be as little as 1 and up to the max of 6 passengers for a 4 - 5 hr boat tour for $350 you can have your private boat tour. *Reservations must be at least three weeks in advance, 

Deep Sea Tuna Fishing 

Deep Sea Tuna Fishing 

is exactly what the title say's, these deep sea trips take a lot of planning so a deposit is required upon making reservations, Once a Tuna Fishing Trip is Booked, the deposit is non refundable.  These trips will need a Minimum of 6 anglers per trip, cost per angler will vary depending on time of year. These trips are done on a 3rd party charter in various locations throughout Japan, for Active duty personnel special liberty will be required by your command.

 Recreational Surface Supplied Diving!


Surface Supplied Diving

We now offer Surface Supplied Diving,, The only Requirement for you to dive is a one time Pre Dive training safety course with our E,G&A  Dive Master. The class will cover surface diving basics, surface diving safety, & surface dive areas. E,G&A Will provide all equipment required for two divers to perform a surface supplied dive in water depths no Greater than 35ft.,

Equipment Supplied for dives will be 2-surface air feeds, supplied backups for each diver, Surface Supplied Dive Helmets,  & E,G,A's Dive Support Vessel. The entire dive will be overseen by E,G&A's Dive Master & one rescue diver from E,G&A's Diving Support Vessel. Time in water depends on you.

                  More Info Upon Request. ,


email [email protected]

What is a Surface Supplied Dive?

Surface-supplied diving refers to diving using equipment supplied with breathing gas (Oxygen) using a diver's umbilical (hose from surface), either from the shore or from a diving support vessel.

(2) This is different from scuba diving, where the diver's breathing equipment is completely self-contained and there is no link to the surface. 

**The primary advantages of conventional surface supplied diving are lower risk of drowning and considerably larger amounts of breathing gas supplied to divers rather than the limited amounts when scuba diving, Surface Supplied Diving allows for longer dive periods and safer decompression. 

**(At Depths no greater than 35ft no decompression is required)**

The copper helmeted free-flow standard diving dress is the version which made commercial diving a viable occupation, and although still used in some regions, this heavy equipment has been superseded by lighter free-flow helmets, and to a large extent, lightweight demand helmets, band masks and full-face diving masks, (which all Light weight gear will be provided by E,G &A for your surface supplied dive experience). After the pre-required 1 hr pre dive class divers will need to read & sign consent/release forms before permitted to dive. E,G&A is NOW offering Surface Supplied  Dive sessions . For More info please contact: [email protected] 

Please Email Us for More Information see contact page for more ways to contact us:

What our customers are saying!

I would highly recommend this fishing tour  to family, friends, and can't wait to return to E,G&A again and  fish Japan!

LT. Jane Wilson

"Good Time In JAPAN"

Had the greatest time fishing with E,G&A . Been stationed on MCAS Iwakuni Japan and was looking for good family fun, well if your looking for a great day fishing, I highly recommend a trip with E,G&A The best fishing in Japan and fishing with an American Captain that knows the area and can communicate with the local Japanese fishermen.


Great ! Beautiful ! Relaxing! Fun Day!

I heard about the American Fishing  offering Charter Fishing trips to Americans stationed near MCAS Iwakuni, so I booked a trip for my friends , And it was the best time we had in awhile, I highly recommend to everyone to experience a trip! 

Cpl. Simpson