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Nonprofit Organization!

EGA Fishing Charters Inc - NON PROFIT Organization  

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A Non- Profit serving our active duty service members while they serve us all America!

EGA Fishing Charters - Non Profit Organization

EGA Fishing Charters Inc. is a USMC Veteran owned and Operated Charter fishing vessel also known as we offer free fishing charters with all fishing gear needed to all Active duty service members of any American military branch and their family members serving overseas we also offer any Active duty military members or Veterans that visit Japan the same free fishing charter.

We actually started the fishing charters 3 yrs ago using our own savings to fund the operation,  recently we  have became a legal Non Profit organization as of May 11, 2020 under IRS Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) which allows donors a tax deduction on any donations made to our Non Profit under IRC Section 170, we are now a public charity.

Our Mission is to provide our Military Service members serving or visiting abroad a recreational fishing charter experiences without having to worry about certain individuals over charging our service members, by charging them ridiculous fees for trips and then again charging ridiculous fees for rental gear which we provide at absolutely no cost to our military members, your donation will help give these young military personnel a stress free environment to enjoy sometime off base on the water fishing, enjoying the beautiful scenery and great fishing getting them out of the barracks. We also use this time on the water with each group to bring awareness to suicide prevention, which has become unfortunately an increasing problem with our Military & Veteran Communities today!

Your Donation will help us to continue our mission, with your help each charter of Active duty military members get a fishing charter for (8 to 9hrs each trip)  and on each charter the member that catches the best catch of that trip is given a brand new fishing rod & reel combo as a prize to encourage friendly competition every member is given an ega fishing charter t-shirt, enjoy knowing your donation is used to gift active duty members while they are far from home and are serving our great country.

 We are asking for your donations so we can maintain and continue our Mission which we have been providing with our own funding, and with your help we can continue to bring great times to a young service member serving his/her first tour away from home all the way up to the soon retiring military member.  We will continuously post pictures so donors will see the good work we are doing. 100% Of all donations go towards running these charters. We are also seeking Corporate sponsors wanting to help in our mission. Thank you in advance for you generous donations and support!

Welcome to EGA Fish Japan Charter Tours

EGA Fishing Charters offers Charter fishing Trips to anyone interested in Salt Water Fishing while here in Japan.  We are a United States Veteran owned & operated charter fishing business offering traditional Japanese & Standard salt water fishing trips, to ANYONE interested in Fishing Japan please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to reserve your charter fishing trip, 

EGA is now an approved Non Profit serving our Active duty Military personnel serving abroad in Japan or any active members visiting Japan for Civilians interested in a charter we ask for donations to our Non profit for civilians wanting to fish Japan.  D.O.D. Employees &  Family Members working in Japan, or any civilians traveling, visiting Japan are welcome to book a charter a donation is required so we can book these charters.



Active Duty Military Charter Fishing Tour

We are accepting donations now to be able to provide these charters free for all active duty military personnel EGA Will Provide all fishing gear, bottled water, but You are welcome to bring your own drinks & snacks.. also this will be a 8-9hr trip, starting at 06:30am-07:00am ending by 16:00-17:00 but you can also arrange a different time of departure as its your private fishing Trip.*

*Please make reservations at least two to three weeks in advance so we can do our best to accommodate your preferred fishing date.

Private Leisure Boat Tours

Private Leisure Boat Tours for those who prefer not to fish & rather take photos and just enjoy the boat ride for a day on the water.. This is a Private boat tour and can be as little as 1 and up to the max of 6 passengers for a 4 - 5 hr boat tour for a donation of $350 to our non profit you can have your private boat tour. *Reservations must be at least three weeks in advance, 

Please Email Us for More Information see contact page for more ways to contact us:

What our customers are saying!

I would highly recommend this fishing tour  to family, friends, and can't wait to return to E,G&A again and  fish Japan!

LT. Jane Wilson

"Good Time In JAPAN"

Had the greatest time fishing with E,G&A . Been stationed on MCAS Iwakuni Japan and was looking for good family fun, well if your looking for a great day fishing, I highly recommend a trip with E,G&A The best fishing in Japan and fishing with an American Captain that knows the area and can communicate with the local Japanese fishermen.


Great ! Beautiful ! Relaxing! Fun Day!

I heard about the American Fishing  offering Charter Fishing trips to Americans stationed near MCAS Iwakuni, so I booked a trip for my friends , And it was the best time we had in awhile, I highly recommend to everyone to experience a trip! 

Cpl. Simpson